We are here!

Hello family, friends, and supporters-

First, thank you for reading these posts. It is encouraging to know that you are following along with your support and prayers. We could not be here without the many ways you are serving us, so thank you. Please consider yourself a part of our team as you read along. 😊

We left Madison at 9a yesterday, arrived in Chicago around noon, arrived in Miami around 730p, arrived in LaPaz around 5a, and arrived in Sucre around 11a. It has been a LONG two days of travel. La Paz is at 12000 elevation so some of us struggled with lightheadedness and nausea during our few hours at the airport there. However, now that we are in Sucre (9000 feet), we are all doing much better. 

We arrived at the Sucre airport and were greeted by several Food for the Hungry staff that work in our partner community, Lajastambo, as well as a 4th grade class from the school. They sang the Bolivian national anthem and passed out some beautiful bags to our team. It was a sweet moment for the team, we were so warmly welcomed! Steve and Anne immediately recognized their sponsored child and were able to spend some time with her. 


After that, we headed to our hostel and crashed for a few hours followed by a walk into downtown Sucre for dinner. 

We are all ready for a good nights sleep and have such anticipation, joy and excitement for the week ahead. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other better while traveling and are really enjoying spending the week getting to know the families in Lajastambo as well as the FH staff.

A special shout out to my family: Ben, Annika and Celia. I love you three like crazy. Thank you for making space for me to be a part of this team.

Thank to each of you for following along! We covet your prayers this week.


Sara Zimmerman

Blackhawk Church Fitchburg Welcome and Operations Coordinator

Blackhawk Church – 9620 Brader Way – Middleton, WI 53562 – 608.828.4200

One thought on “We are here!

  1. Glad to hear you all made it there safely!

    Sucre looks as beautiful as I remember it.
    Up in the mountains where the city does sit.
    Children look as beautiful as I remember them.
    Reaching out is special, treasure the experience; it’s a gem.
    Even though I’m not there in person, I’m with you in spirit!

    Have a great day today after a good night’s rest. Keep the blog posts coming! They are great!

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