The morning started off cloudy and cool but it has turned out to be another beautiful day. We had breakfast at the hotel and then we were off to church. We went to church this morning at Rio Jordan church in Lajastambo. We received a very warm welcome from the pastor and the congregation. The wanted us to say hi to everyone back home at Blackhawk and to tell you that they have been praying for us and you, and they send their blessings. They have prayed that we would come back and they knew that it would happen. They had a map from the initial planning team trip hanging on the wall.

They greeted us and then we sang several songs in Spanish. After that it was our turn to sing a few songs in English for them. Jon is an excellent guitar player and he blended right in with their worship team and then lead our group. Fortunately a few of us can actually sing and it went well. They seemed to enjoy the songs in English as much as we enjoyed the ones in Spanish. Next, the children left for Sunday school and Sarah, Susan, Steve and Steve went to help out with the lesson. The rest of us stayed for the sermon. They had asked in advance for one of us to give the sermon and this is a common tradition. I gave the sermon this morning and the topic was on children and God’s instruction on how we should raise and treat our children. I am lucky that there is a lot information on that topic in the bible. When the sermon has to be translated into 2 other languages it takes a little more time. It seemed to work out well and the church pastor made us all memorize one of the verses in the sermon at the end. After that the children returned from Sunday school and sang us a song of appreciation. When the service was over, everyone in the congregation formed a line and thanked each of us for coming.

After church, we all worked on a project at the church where they are building a hydroponic garden. We worked with members of the congregation and FH staff and we did make some progress. They will work on it again next week and they are close to having it finished. They said that they would send us pictures of the plants when they are growing. The pastor noted that the church also wants to be able to teach the community skills that will be helpful in their everyday lives. They sent us off with some food and a song. We had lunch with the FH staff and are back at the hotel for a short rest and then we will be on the road again. The day is young and we have more to do. Thank you for your prayers and we will see you soon.


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Thanks for the awesome updates! So cool to hear about the relationships being built and how God is moving – sounds like it’s been an amazing trip so far! Praying for y’all.

  2. Sunday is for worship, with a sermon by James.
    Until lunch was work on a garden, with no time for games!
    Now some helped in Sunday school and all sang songs
    Doesn’t matter whether you can sing, in God’s praise there are no wrongs.
    And hydroponic garden building, sounds pretty cool.
    You probably had great fun, too, assisting in Sunday school.

    Sounds like a full, great trip so far, everyone. Keep the updates coming! We keep praying for you and the people of FH and Lajastambo!

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