Prayer requests from Food for the Hungry for the communities where they work in Sucre

These are the prayers request from the Food for the Hungry Staff. Each leader that represents a different district of the there city shared

That God would bless the people with access to safe water. This is the most common request we hear.

That the people of her area would have an encounter with the Lord and the begin to fear and love the Lord in way that would transform their families.

That there would be a transformation in the hearts of the teachers that are selfish and are working for themselves and for jobs that would not require the parents to travel so far.

To open hearts to Christ so they can have a bigger vision-one that doesn’t just conform or settle but a vision that is more than they can imagine on their own.

For families to be open to the gospel-for leaders to see wholistic needs and that families would understand that life is sacred.

For transformation of leadership so they would have compassion for the most vulnerable and that all of their work would be directed to the children.

That the children would know the love of God and become good parents.

For a 7 year old girl named Mary. She lost her vision in one eye and is her losing her vision in the other eye. She needs a treatment or injection.

Lastly when we asked how we could pray for the staffs individual or personal needs some one spoke up and said…we want you to pray for the people in the communities in the way we described and as for the staff just pray for the strength to keep doing the work, for encouragement when discouraged, to find meaning in what we are doing and for our families to understand the work we do.

2 thoughts on “Prayer requests from Food for the Hungry for the communities where they work in Sucre

  1. Sara, praying for you and your family.

    Thank you to the team for being on the ground, it’s an honor to partner with you. Thanks for sharing your stories. I pray that you continue to have a great week.

    Jon Mueller

  2. Perfect list of prayer requests
    Every one is among the best
    Really heartfelt and very sincere
    For all of these requests, God will hear.
    Each request will be in our prayers
    Cuz it was requested by FH staff for theirs
    Thanks FH for all your shares and cares.

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