We started out the day with beautiful sunny skies and a trip to the FH office for a short presentation. Afterwards we headed to Nueve de Marzo, a school on the outskirts of town which educates approximately 500 children ages K-12. We had the opportunity to work with a classroom of 6/7 year old children to teach English (they also taught us some Spanish!). We worked on the names for various animals and made sure to throw in each animal’s sound as well – think Lion “Roarrrrr”.

While at Nueve de Marzo we also juried an art contest for teenage students. The students participating in the contest were finalists from previous contests and represented several different schools. Students were to base their art around the idea of environment. We were to judge their work using four criteria: creativity/originality, technique, message, presentation. It was a challenging task given how good all of their work was! In the end, the top three students from each group (we had to split them into three groups) received a backpack.

After lunch we headed to Rio Jordan Church to make music with a group of children. We used musical instruments called BoomWhackers which are essentially plastic tubes of differing lengths, each length producing a specific note. Using sheet music with color coded notes (each BoomWhacker tube has its own color) we worked in teams of three (one adult and two children) to play Happy Birthday and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Each team of three was responsible for a specific note in the song. It was a very enjoyable experience with many, many laughs.

After BoomWhackers we participated in a clinic on hand washing. We were fortunate to have a pediatric surgeon on our team who demonstrated how to thoroughly wash one’s hands. Once all of the kids had a chance to try washing their hands using this new method we broke into smaller groups and went out into the community to show a few of the local residents what the children learned. It was a fun experience and well received by the community.

Steve and Anne R had a sweet home visit with their sponsor child Elizabeth and got to meet her mother and siblings. Elizabeth’s father is a pastor and was working construction at the time. They shared gifts, and meal, and countless hugs. Elizabeth, who is 7 years old, was so appreciative of the coloring books and pencils. Steve and Anne now have a second family in Bolivia!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Boomwhackers are a great way to bridge cultural gaps
    Or cross barriers put up by different countries on maps
    Or just have fun no matter your age
    Music can be played by people of any learning stage.
    What is important is communicating one to another
    Helping everyone realize we are all sisters and brothers
    And enjoying each other’s company while together
    Creating memories in all kinds of warm or cold weather.
    Keep up the great work, Blackhawk team
    Everyone is praying for you; don’t run out of steam!
    Remember, you’re helping to fulfill part of people’s dream.

  2. Hey there team! I love all the pictures. Really excellent. Thanks also for the great blog posts. I’ve read them all. They are well written and give a great sense of the beauty of both the people and the communities that you are visiting. I’m so jealous. I wish I was down there. However I would have been a terrible judge for the art contest. The needle on my art meter broke years ago. Praying for you and for our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Bolivia.

  3. Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know I’ve read your blog and are praying for the team. It sounds like it’s been a great experience for all involved! Keep up the good work, looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home Sara!

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