First let me start by introducing myself since I didn’t do so prior to the trip. My name is Susan and I’m the Impact Director. Last year we launched a new holistic partnership with Food for the Hungry in Bolivia. This partnership has multiple levels: adult GO Teams coming alongside the goals of our partner here, relationships between Blackhawks children’s ministry and children’s Sunday school/groups here in Bolivia, and over 200 Blackhawkers signed up to be child sponsors. This trip was strategically planned after our Bolivia vision trip last year and the launch of our new FH Bolivia partnership. We are investing in this partnership for a 10 year run.

Now for the day. Juan Carlos gave the devotions this morning at the FH office.

He spoke of the greatest sacrificial servant -Jesus and that there’s no other way to provide service that God calls us to without knowing Him and having a relationship with Him of which the correctly motivated service to others flows.

That was a very recalibrating and great start to the day.

From there we headed to (location) to the inauguration of the new nutrition center. What a celebration it was! We were greeted by community members clothed in beautiful regional garments who grabbed our hands and pulled us into their cultural celebration. I think there is video of the Wisconsinites trying to find the beat, keep up and not trip over our own feet. The hospitality, beauty of the people, the land and the purpose behind our presence, was stunning. This very nutrition center was funded through part of Advent Conspiracy last year, 2016 and there we were today in front of it, blessing its new existence in this community and grateful to God for last years Advent Conspiracy that was focused on empowering hope. We were very honored to be part of the dedication service.

Water tanks for families.

We climbed up a hill to a beautiful spot where 25 families live and were able to be a part of a water tank dedication. These water tanks will help families have safe preservation of water.

Women’s Savings Groups 

After lunch we split in two groups and after picking up some cafe con lache we headed to different communities to visit women’s savings groups. We met with multiple groups of women and learned about their process and goals. We were so inspired! Steve gave some comments and shared that he’s never seen a savings group as inspiring. He then shared that in the U.S. we have a saying that seems very appropriate…”Girl Power”!   Sara and I were so moved by these women. Their strength and perseverance humbled us.


Walleyball with FH staff was the night activity. Apparently it is not only love, a smile, a laugh, that translate across cultures but also walleyball!

Finally, if the day wasn’t amazing enough, outside of the wolleyball court Anne lead someone across the line of faith tonight. Please pray for the woman who made this decision, for her journey, for her discipleship.

Please keep praying! Thanks for your part in this!

Hello to my Impact team and kisses to my husband Marty and my mom. Love you both!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Thanks for these awesome updates! So many cool things happening in Bolivia. praying for the rest of your time there!

  2. Beautiful stories and an amazing day.
    Led by the Spirit in every way.
    Even across cultures, many boundaries fall
    Songs, savings, food and walleyball!
    So much to be thankful for – it’s awesome and great.
    Every day we learn more through your great update!
    Don’t stop reporting, even if you must stay up late!

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