Connecting Kids

My name is Ashley and I’m a part of the team going to Bolivia in April, and to say I’m excited is an understatement! I’m looking forward to building relationships with those we will meet. It’s so wonderful knowing that Blackhawk will have a partnership with this community for a long time and that we are learning and will continue to learn so much from each other.
The connections I’m the most excited about are connections with the kids. At Blackhawk, I work in Elementary Ministry. Over the last year, we’ve been dreaming of and implementing ways to connect the kids we have here at Blackhawk Church with the kids in Lajastambo. Connecting them will be mutually beneficial because we are hoping kids might get to know each other and form lasting memories that will help all kids (both at Blackhawk and Lajastambo) to love and serve others better and to get a bigger picture of the God who sees, knows, and loves them.
So far we’ve exchanged some videos and kids from both places have sent info about themselves to each other. We’re still at the beginning of this partnership, so I’m looking forward to dreaming of more creative ways to connect the kids with both the kids at Blackhawk and the kids in Lajastambo. Kids in both places are already making huge kingdom impact, so let’s help them use their God-given talents to bring glory to God as they get to know each other. Would you pray with me?