Thank you to all our supporters! April 2018 Bolivia GO Team

Before I introduce myself, I wanted to thank everyone who has supported our team!  
Your resources and prayers are vital to our team!  Your thoughtfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated! 

My name is Dana and I am so excited to be a part of this fantastic team!  
My family has been attending Blackhawk for 16 years.  I have 4 children and over the years they all have been involved with student ministries at Blackhawk and 3 of them have had multiple opportunities to be a part of international Blackhawk GO teams (the 4th child can’t wait for his turn).  I have seen my children’s lives be forever changed by the impact these experiences have had on them.  They are so excited for their mom to get a chance to participate in this wonderful opportunity!  I have heard so many incredible “GOD” stories and can’t wait to see, hear and be a part of what God is doing in Lajastambo! 

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and check back soon for many more updates!

2 thoughts on “Thank you to all our supporters! April 2018 Bolivia GO Team

  1. Thomas! So glad you could go this time. I’m sure they were thrilled to see you. FH staff were sad you weren’t with us in November.

    Please give my best to everyone, starting with Hermon and Abi. Whenever you can or is appropriate, at the church services, staff meetings, etc., please give a greeting and blessing on behalf of me and Blackhawk, how grateful we are for the partnership with FH staff and the relationship with churches and community.

    We are praying,

  2. I am so excited (and envious) for you and your team. We are all praying for you back home. Checking the blog every day and am always looking forward to hearing more about your experience.

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