We arrived in Bolivia!

At 5:00 am this morning, our team arrived in Bolivia, safe and sound, but a little tired. We were met by Abi of Food for the Hungry and her brand new husband, Jose. They greeted us with smiles and fresh bottles of water, all of which was greatly appreciated.

We are having breakfast just outside of La Paz at 13,000 foot elevation. The attached picture is from the airport and is Huayna Potosi, which is 20,000 foot elevation. The snow reminds us of Wisconsin in April!  We are already beginning to see the beautiful country. We look forward to meeting many beautiful people as well.

We thank God for safe travels to date. We thank you for your support to date and we seek your continued prayers for a trip that fulfills all that it is meant to be.

More to come soon. Keep watching for what we hope will be daily posts.

Tom Schwei

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2 thoughts on “We arrived in Bolivia!

  1. Woo hoo! Give Abi a hug for me! 🙂 Glad you all made it safely – hope you all get some rest and have an awesome first day!


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