What a welcome in Sucre!

After a long bout of traveling, today we arrived in Sucre. At the airport we were greeted by Food for the Hungry staff as well as the children from Lajastambo. What an amazing welcome. The children all had smiles on their face and flags waving, along with a giant banner welcoming Blackhawk Church. We were able to spend some time meeting and greeting and getting excited for what is to come this week. How awesome!

After that, Abi, our Food for the Hingry liaison took us to the hotel we are staying and also talked a bit more about Bolivia. Later, Abi took us to a downtown area with a market where we shopped for supplies for some of the families that various Blackhawk members are sponsoring. We got to see the market and many traditional Bolivian food and supplies.

I can’t wait for tomorrow where we will get to see Lajastambo, the area where the children live. Thank you all for following our journey.

Ginna Irwin

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  1. Thanks for posting Gina. They give an amazing and generous welcome don’t they! Praying for the team and for FH staff and all our community friends.

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