Marriage blog post

About 25 couples turned out Saturday afternoon for the “second annual Bolivian marriage workshop.”
Two of our team members led the workshop while about six team members kept about 30 kids entertained.
The couples in attendance were introduced to the five love languages and some communication and conflict-resolution tools. None of the couples had ever heard of the five love languages, so we spent some time helping them discover their love languages. The couples were then split up into a women’s group and men’s group. Separately they wrote down their own love language and words of affirmation for their spouse which they shared with each other after coming back together.
At the end of the workshop, the couples reaffirmed their love for each other in a rededication ceremony led by staff from Food for the Hungry (FH). One FH staff member told us many of these couples had never communicated with each other like this.
Our prayer is that these couples would take their new-found communication tools and use them to build strong marriages and flourishing families.
—Steve & Anne

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