4 thoughts on “A few more pics from our day.

  1. Great pictures and blog posts. It sounds like you are all enjoying Bolivia. I’m so thankful for our partnership with Food for the Hungry. I’m praising God for all of you and I pray that the relationships that we are building will be fruitful and have eternal ramifications. And…I’m so thankful that my socks made the trip.

    Keep posting great pictures and thank you for taking the time to write such great entries.

  2. Sponsored children and FH staff
    Time to cry and time to laugh.
    Experiences filling a wide array
    Experiences making a wonderful day.

    May you continue to explore this interesting place
    And see and share God’s wonderful grace.
    Enjoy each moment and take it all in
    May God transform you deeply within.

  3. Hey Team!
    We are praying for you, FH staff and the community. Praying for mutual transformation and all that God intends to be ushered in!

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