Our hearts are full

Thank you to all who are following along in our footsteps through the blog. Your words of encouragement and prayers are more meaningful than you can ever know. Pictures and words cannot begin to describe how beautiful this place is, but we love sharing. We have already met so many amazing people with hearts generous beyond belief. We have shed tears and sweat. Our team is amazing and we learn more about each other, the people of Bolivia and gods plan every day.

An extra special thank you today to all military veterans who have sacrificed for our country and our families. We love you.

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One thought on “Our hearts are full

  1. Great blog posts all of you. I love the fact that you are getting so many opportunities to talk to people about a wide variety of things. Great to also hear about the soccer match. Love the pictures. One picture of Blust looks like you caught him doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Typical.

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