Camino del Inca

Today we got to put aside work and presentations and spend time with our sponsored children. We drove about an hour up into the Andes mountains to a beautiful nature park called Chataquila. Seven of the children were able to join the hike. The scenery was absolutely amazing–a testimony to God’s creation and grandeur. We walked in the same steps of the Inca centuries ago. The children loved scrambling along the rocky pathways. Many of the girls gathered wildflowers and gave us bouquets. Near a mountain creek we paused to splash in the cool water. Josh spoke to the children about God’s creation and taking care of His world. The mountain vistas were the perfect backdrop for such a discussion. At the end of the hike it was time to bid our sponsored children goodbye–the hugs couldn’t last long enough! Later that afternoon we boosted the local economy by visiting the market and later a chocolate specialty shop. Our day ended with a celebratory dinner with members of the Food for the Hungry staff. Dinner was wonderful and conversation even better.

4 thoughts on “Camino del Inca

  1. Final moments in the Andes
    Finishing the day with chocolate candies.
    Enjoying time in God’s creation
    With sponsored kids from another nation.

    Sounds like a wonderful way to conclude your trip
    Which has hopefully continued without a blip.
    And now it’s time to wrap things up.
    Back to Madison, welcome home – yup!

  2. I have loved keeping up with the BLOG. I know your days are long and tiring so thanks for taking the time to share. I continue to keep you all in my prayers and we certainly will pray for the team tonight at Life Group. – we will miss you James. Thanks for everything that you all are doing, especially being the hands and feet of Jesus! Job well done!

  3. So wonderful! It’s seems to have flown by! Can’t wait to hear more when you return! Safe travels! Valerie

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