Bolivia’s Impacts

This trip was one of the greatest events to occur in the timeline of my 37 year life. I was chosen at the right time in my life to go, and destiny, via this trip, came and chased me down at just the right time. First, this trip had an outside-in change on me. I have never completed a mission trip and I had presumptions about NGO’s and working overseas for the poor from a very westernized view. Going on this trip helped me to better understand poverty and how it is best alleviated. This is something I am working on conveying to others to better promote the FH program and to inspire others to help overseas as they are called. The second great change was from the inside-out. God has been nurturing the seed of change in me for some time and has encouraged me through the spirit to dedicate myself to the aid and help of others. This trip reaffirmed that calling and helped broaden my conviction and solidify my desire to work and serve others. I am so very grateful to have been a part of this trip with such an amazing team from the Blackhawk side of things as well as the team from FH which is unbeatable. A heart for God and serving the poor. What a combination!



What a beautiful experience. It’s true that money makes many things possible, but this trip showed me that people can also be rich without money. But then why do we bother helping those in poverty when they can be rich without money? A central objective of Food for the Hungry is to focus on the “invisible part of the iceberg of poverty.” Many people who live in poverty are not rich in any sense. As a “minority world,” relatively wealthy North American supporter, I can easily miss the difference between giving money to treat visible needs like lack of food and clothing and giving money to treat invisible needs like love, joy, and hope. After my week in Bolivia, I see that my child support money is first and foremost helping FH staff change worldviews by sowing hope. People are dropping the weight of generations of poverty and believing that they and their children can break the cycle.
I love that my family is able to support a child in Bolivia. I’m excited to watch her grow and see the impact of FH in her community.